Prescription Drug Savings: Mail-Order Pharmaceutical Drugs

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Why Order a Prescription Drug by Mail?

One can save on a prescription drug in a variety of different ways. Of course, the most well known way to cut drug costs is by choosing generic pharmaceutical drugs over their brand name counterparts -- This alone can potentially save you hundreds of dollars each year. An additional cost-effective method that's been slow to catch on is mail-delivery prescription drug programs, which can be a great way to help boost one's finances. There are a variety of companies, such as Express-Scripts, Caremark, and Wal-Mart, that feature such programs, and while they can yield substantial savings in many cases, only a miniscule amount of pharmaceutical drugs are being purchased in this manner.

Mail-Order Pharmaceutical Drug Benefits

The mail-delivery method for acquiring medicine holds several advantages over the old fashioned routine of picking up pharmaceutical drugs in person. For starters, the cost to fill a prescription via mail-order prescription drug programs is typically half the amount you'd otherwise pay at your standard pharmacy. Furthermore, health insurance companies may actually require lower copayments for going through mail-order pharmacies, which can help families save even more cash. Lastly, while most pharmacies will only dispense a 30-day supply for medicine as a maximum amount, many mail-order prescription drug programs will allow orders of up to 90-day supplies to be placed.

Mail-Delivery Prescription Drug Downsides

While mail-order pharmacies can offer great savings, they aren't perfect. For instance, because meds are delivered to customers by mail, there are shortcomings that are inherent to this process, including the potential for slow delivery, and products getting lost or damaged in transit. Additionally, while many of these delivery prescription drug companies do have specialists on staff that one can consult by phone or over the internet, regarding any concerns or questions, this does not replace the ability to talk face-to-face with a pharmacist; however, the potential for big savings is alluring, and it is likely that mail-ordering pharmaceutical drugs by mail will become more popular over time.

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