Introducing the New Pet Discount Card: Save More at the Vet!

Get instant savings up to 75%
Download the Free Discount Drug Card
Download the Free Free Discount Drug Card
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Redeem for instant savings up to 75% on name brand
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Accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide

pet discount card The pet discount card is a brand new method to promote health and save more money in the process. Just as the cost of prescription drugs has been on the rise in the past year, many American are finding that the price tags on pet medicine can also be prohibitively expensive. It’s believed that we spend as much as $45 billion each year on our beloved animal friends, and much of this money is put into pet healthcare. Just as the prescription savings card has helped so many who are struggling under the weight of unbearably high Rx drug costs, the pet discount card can also be of benefit to everyone in the way of hefty discount savings.

Costly Healthcare for Pets

There are many who feel the cost of pet medicine is higher than it needs to be. What bloats the cost is the drug companies and vets, in addition to covering their own costs, seeking to profit. While they’re certainly entitled to do so, in a slow-to-recover economy that’s still hurting the average consumer, paying hiked up costs for medicines can be difficult. The new discount card for your pet can be just the remedy many families need to keep their pets healthy and pay their bills.

Easy Pet Prescription Savings Card Discounts

The refreshingly straightforward sign up process and ease of use associated with the prescription savings card is no different here. When a person signs up for the pet discount card, by simply inputting their name and email, they’re directly given a printable card that instantly allows one and all to save substantial amounts of money at participating veterinary clinics.

The No. 1 Resource for Savings is always looking to provide new ways for the American consumer to save money on medicines, and now no member of your family can be excluded from the great discount savings to be found on the official prescription drugs site of the internet!

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