Understanding Prescription Insurance Cards

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Download the Free Free PrescriptionDrugs.com Discount Drug Card
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Prescription Insurance Cards The 1020 RX Tiered Pricing Pharmacy Plan offers prescription insurance cards to those that do not have prescription coverage on an existing plan, who are uninsured, underinsured, or require a supplement to an existing health plan such as Medicare or Medicaid.  These prescription insurance cards will help people to pay for medications that might be unaffordable otherwise.  With this particular plan, consumers will pay as little as $10 to $20 for select generic drugs and a maximum of $40 for select brand name prescription drugs.


With these prescription insurance cards there are no age limits, health restrictions, limitation of use, reimbursement procedures, prescription coupons and/or paperwork.  The prescriptions are discounted at the time of the visit to the pharmacy.


The 1020 RX Tiered Pricing Pharmacy Plan is able to save money for the consumer and also takes the guesswork out of paying for one’s own prescription medications.  The discount plan segments generic drugs and brand name drugs and puts them into three price classifications, which makes it simple for consumers to locate the most effective prescription medication at the lowest cost.  Discounts are also applied to items not on the three-tier list and also cover maintenance medications purchased through a mail order pharmacy program.


 The 1020 RX plan offers prescription drug solutions through a real savings program but it is not insurance.  Consumers may use the plan as often as needed, as long as the membership is maintained.  The potential savings on prescription medications are virtually limitless!   

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