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Download the Free Free Discount Drug Card
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Prescription Medication More and more companies are releasing mobile apps that can help consumers find the cheapest prescription medication. Verizon, working in conjunction with Medco Health Solutions has announced the launch of a mobile phone application that guides smartphone users to the least expensive prescription drugs.

According to Verizon, the Medco Pharmacy mobile app also has the ability to identify potentially harmful prescription drug interactions.  The app can easily access a database of Medco members’ medication histories to provide pertinent information.

Providing Information on Prescription Medication

Medco Health Solutions provides pharmacy services to over 65 million customers.  The company’s pharmacy mobile app is currently available for download through Verizon and provides information about prescription drugs.  The app is designed to provide information regarding out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs as well as low cost options designed specifically to a consumer’s prescription drug plan.  The Medco Pharmacy mobile app was developed using Medco’s My Rx Choices patient safety and prescription savings program, which was launched in 2006.

Medco released a statement in which it said that 500,000 prescriptions with lower-cost options are written every day: “illustrating the enormous potential savings opportunities that exist.”

The Medco app has three main features: the first one is My Medicine Cabinet, which permits users to view their prescriptions, set reminders, and receive updates and alerts about possible prescription drug interactions.  The second feature is My Rx Choices, which delivers personalized out-of-pocket costs on any prescription medication, plus any available low cost options.  Third there is Prescription ID Card, which gives members online access to a prescription drug savings card.

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