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free prescription discount card Consumers must be careful to avoid free prescription discount card scams that are being perpetrated throughout the country. With the historic health reform bill signed by president Obama on March 23, 2010, there has been much in the way of polarized opinions that have divided the citizens of our nation. The large amount of propaganda, stemming from both sides of the political fence, that has regularly blasted consumers has lead to the spreading of misinformation, leading to some confusion over what the bill actually entails.

The Growing “ObamaCare” Scam

Sadly, many unscrupulous individuals have taken advantage of this situation by attempting to defraud those who are uninformed. There have been many reports of people selling fake health insurance policies or offering a free discount prescription card that turns out to be a means to acquire the bank information of the unsuspecting people being scammed.

One should beware the so-called “ObamaCare” being peddled by con-artists looking to capitalize on public ignorance. These scammers, masquerading as “ObamaCare” or “Obama Health Plan” agents, contact citizens, claiming to sell them government-approved health insurance that will protect them from “death panels” or offer unrealistic “sweet deal” discounts.

Counterfeit Discount Cards

Individuals are being lied to by those who are selling the fraudulent free prescription discount card. There have been several reported cases involving hospitalized individuals who were lead to believe they were receiving real insurance through their free discount prescription card. Ultimately, they had to pay for the expenses out of pocket.

Consumers must be aware of what these cards can and cannot do for them. It’s also important to be aware of the most commons warning signs for insurance scams.  

Warning Signals to Watch Out For

  • “Government-approved insurance”

The government will not engage in approving health policies until the year 2014

  •  “ObamaCare”

There is no such thing as “ObamaCare” or “Obama Health Plans.”

  • Medicare drug coverage rebates

The government will not honor these.

  • Drug discount cards that act as insurance coverage or cost money

A free discount prescription card should never be confused with insurance coverage. These cards simply offer pharmacy-negotiated discount prices to consumers.

How to Protect Yourself

Most importantly, one should never give their personal bank account information over the phone or by fax to a complete stranger.

If you should be contacted by an insurance plan provider, claiming to offer a free discount prescription card that acts as government-approved insurance or provide unrealistically high discounts, you should always contact your state insurance department to authenticate the solicitor’s claims. It’s also highly important to make sure the company in question is licensed before going through with any transaction.

The free prescription discount card offered at is NOT a form of insurance. It is designed to help consumers save on brand name and generic prescription drugs at the pharmacy. It is absolutely free of charge and should not be confused with the “ObamaCare” scam cards that have been discussed in this article.

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