Avastin Not to be Added to Breast Cancer Treatment Prescribed Drugs List

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prescribed drugs listConcerning Avastin entering a prescribed drugs list of breast cancer treatments, The FDA has delayed its decision to officially revoke or approve the drug's status. Genentech, the pharmaceutical company that manufactured the drug, reported that a decision to possibly revoke the drug's approval would not happen for at least another 90 days, likely until December.

Avastin, a drug that is designed to treat metastatic breast cancer, is currently awaiting approval or revocation. In July 2010, an FDA panel voted 12-1 in favor of rescinding approval for the drug, claiming that follow-up clinical studies presented were unable to prove that the drug benefited breast cancer patients. The FDA was also unconvinced that the drug lacked side effects.

Avastin -  Will it be Added to an Approved Prescription Drugs List of Treatments?

The future of the drug for use in the treatment of breast cancer was called into question after two studies failed to show any delay of disease progression. There have also been complaints of serious side effects in patients, such as blood clots and heart failure.

Avastin, combined with chemotherapy, had been given fast track treatment approval for use in breast cancer patients. The medication is also approved to treat other cancers as well, such as lung, liver, colon and brain cancers.

Despite the FDA's caution in extending the drug’s provisionary approval into full approval to treat breast cancer, Avastin has proven highly effective and was the first approved drug designed to inhibit the process of angiogenesis, thus preventing new blood vessels from developing and carrying vital nutrients to a tumor.

Even if approval is rescinded, Avastin would still remain on a prescribed drugs list of treatments for other forms of cancer.

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