A Comprehensive List of Prescription Drugs

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List of Prescription Drugs It is not always easy to find a comprehensive list of prescription drugs. Many lists cover over-the-counter items only, as well as brand name items, generics, or a combination of the two. Others may list active ingredients as their base of information. Depending on the need for medication information, there are many sources that can meet that need from hard copy references such as the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR), to many online sites.

Where to Find  Prescription Drugs List

One of the best sites for a comprehensive list of controlled substances is the website of the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The DEA’s prescription drug list is easy to use and is searchable using various criteria such as a standard index, alphabetical listing by product name, type, manufacturer, and form of drug (oral, injection, etc.)           

Many medicines prescription websites contain a lengthy prescription drug reference, including precautions, active ingredients, possible interactions, warnings and side effects. For example, if a person wanted to know more about Lithium side effects, it would be easy to go to the website and search for information related to Lithium. Also included is corresponding information that may be helpful for the patient and/or consumer. It is also interesting to view information on clinical drug trials, recalls, and new products on the market. There are also references linked to the Food and drug Administration (FDA).

Bear in mind that the information given on these websites should never negate the need to consult a physician or doctor for medical advice.

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