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NDC Offers Prescription Card

Prescription CardNational Drug Card (NDC) is a Washington D.C.

Vermillion Commissioners Offer Free Discount Prescription Cards

Prescription CardsVermillion County Commissioners have voted and passed a motion that will permit them to issue free discount prescription cards to all residents in Vermillion County.  The program is being made possible through a partnership with ProAct, Inc.


Prescription Card Programs Assist Consumers in Need

Prescription Card ProgramsIt has been nearly ten years since many companies began to take action to help those in need of assistance with the high cost of prescriptions.  Prescription card programs have been around for many years but have been increasing in frequency as the number of uninsured and underinsured consumers unable to afford their medications has increased.


Free Prescription Card for Everyone

Discount Card is an advocate organization for consumers.  The organization believes that it is important to offer valuable products for American families such as with a free prescription card.  In fact, also believes that it is possible to save so much using a free prescription card that they have arranged to supply one for every person that makes a request.  This free prescription card is at no cost and there is nothing to buy.  I

Exploring Discount RX Cards

Discount RX CardsDiscount RX cards permit customers to save as much as 30% to 70% off of prescription medications that can prove to be a great help over a period of months and years.  Discount RX cards are available as part of prescription plans but they can also be found for free online.


American Consultants Rx Offers Free Discount Prescription Cards

Discount Prescription CardsAmerican Consultants Rx Inc. is a company that is known to offer free discount prescription cards to many non-profit organizations throughout the Southeast and the country for those who may need help in affording their prescription medications.  The company consistently seeks to help those looking for a way to live on a limited budget and still be able to afford their medications.


Medicare Prescription Drug Discount Card

Prescription Drug Discount CardIt is more important than ever for Medicare patients to understand the types of benefits they will or will not receive under a typical Medicare plan.  As the laws change, it may become unclear what is covered under the new plans.  Some people may choose to use additional insurance such as a Medicare prescription drug discount card or other means by which to help pay for the rising cost of medications.

The Difference in Using Prescription Insurance Cards

Prescription Insurance CardsMany companies offer free discount prescription cards while others are linked to health insurance plans.  There are several differences between these two types of cards.  Free discount prescription cards simply offer a percentage off the price of a prescription through a store savings program or other type of program offered free of charge to consumers.  On the other hand, prescription insurance cards are not free.  If a consumer is

American’s Prescription Savings Card

Prescription Savings CardOne of the programs currently being offered to people in need of assistance with purchasing their medications is the Americas Premier Prescription Savings Program.  Reports show that cardholders have saved more than $1 billion on prescription medication purchases.  Users say that the Prescription Savings Card Program is one that can be trusted.  The card is accepted at thousands of pharmacies nationwide, making it easy to get the best p

Assistance Provided by Prescription Cards

Prescription CardsRecent studies have shown that using prescription cards can provide the user with great benefits when it comes to combating the high cost of prescription medications.  While many stores offer low cost plans, adding a prescription card can help to reduce the cost of the products even more, making it easier for people – especially underinsured, uninsured and senior citizens – to be able to afford medications that make one’s quality of life the best it ca